Sunday Church Services @ 10.30am

Sunday Worship Service - @ 10.30AM Invitation to Church

If you’re looking for a friendly & welcoming church home that will provide dynamic biblical teaching, an atmosphere of worship, openness to the Holy Spirit, and uplifting friendships, then Watersprings Church is the place for you!

Or if you’re looking for lasting and relevant answers to the questions of life & death, sin & forgiveness, joy & peace etc., then visit us at Watersprings. Jesus came to offer ‘abundant life’ and that offer is still for you today.

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Prayer Meeting & Bible Study - Thursdays @ 7.00pm
we are praying for the wellbeing of Penygroes, the Nantlle Valley villages and the whole of North Wales. We are really believing for and expect:
  • a positive transformation of the socio-economic conditions of the region.
  • physical healings and deliverance from addictions & negative lifestyle cycles.
  • a personal spiritual revival in each life, household and community.
study and discussion of the bible with the aim of finding practical applications of it's life-giving principles to every aspect of our lives. Questions & answers sessions, and personal ministry where required and appropriate.

Counselling & Support - Please call or email
we offer general counselling and support for various phases of life. We have helped several people through the most difficult situations and seen them become stronger and stable in life.

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DOWNLOADS - Messages by Pastor Femi Ogunbanwo (& friends)

Judgement of believers - 080215 (51.5mb)
Body of Christ- 280413 (70mb)
Holy Spirit series 1- 200113 (70mb)
Holy Spirit series 2- 100213 (102mb)
Holy Spirit series 3- 170213 (62mb)
Victory In Times of Trouble 100512 (111mb) Tunde Bolanta (Kaduna)
Do something for Christ's sake 120111 (22.7mb)
Understanding Your Identity Seminar 061110 - 1 (27.5mb)
Understanding Your Identity Seminar 061110 - 2 (10.6mb)
Understanding Your Identity Seminar 061110 - 3 (16.6mb)
Continue in my word C- 311010 (22.1mb)
Continue in my word B- 241010 (13.6mb)
Continue in my word A- 101010 (20.6mb)
Compassion & the Christian - 260910 (18.1mb)
New Testament Giving-A 150810 (22.5mb)
New Testament Giving-B 220810 (18.6mb)

Understanding and Realizing Your Destiny 1(11mb)
Understanding and Realizing Your Destiny 2(10.6mb)
Understanding and Realizing Your Destiny 3(11.2mb)

Uncommon testimony (13.7mb)
Thats My King event footage (1 gb)
Rev Tunde Bolanta @Watersprings 26May2022 135mb)